Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can It

The scouts had their can drive this weekend. I didn't donate. I thought about it for a second then thought about how I hardly have any cans in the pantry and then my thoughts moved on to other things. But I donate to good causes all the time, so I don't feel too guilty. Have you ever wondered about where those cans end up?

When I was in middle school my dad declared bankruptcy. We moved in with my grandma while my dad went back to school to get a degree. My grandma had a room, my parents had a room and my sister and I shared a room. Everyone else slept on couches for a few years until my dad got his teaching degree, then it was beds for everyone! During those years we were pretty poor. Food stamp poor. And once we were the recipients of a box of cans from the scouts. I learned a valuable lesson from this experience:

Nobody wants canned water chestnuts.

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Jordan Goodrich said...

I'm learning a lot from this blog of yours.. I didn't know Zach and I slept on couches. I do remember we wore our cleats everyday, but we wouldn't have wanted to wear anything else. So now that I think about it we probably only had cleats. They were all purpose cleats, soccer, baseball, football, school even. Once recess came around we were set.. Mom and Dad are lucky Zach and I never wanted to wear shoes (let alone want all the expensive electronics and stuff kids want these days. We were very happy with a batting glove, football, baseball, bat, and grandmas big backyard.